11 Reasons I Will Chase Him Down if He Ever Leaves

December 6, 2003.

How on earth have 11 years flown by so quickly? How is it that we walk by 20 something newlyweds and they look like they can’t be older than 15???

Today is our LOVE DAY <3. For the past several years, I’ve tried to capture fun ways to celebrate our anniversary in writing something we can share forever.

Maybe you remember these:

9 Years/9 Memories/9 Lessons (Which really turned into 10 because I can’t count, LOL!)

10 Ways I Love You, 10 Years Later…A note to my one & only Brain

And now I introduce to you this year’s hilarious celebration of our love, to my one & only Brain:

11 Reasons I Will Chase You Down if You Ever Leave

#11 You are a math expert. I am not. Without you in my life, I would be posting stuff like this alllll the time:

3 kinds of people Starr haigler

#10 No one else would go to so much trouble to ask me to marry them. FYI: Brian dropped my ring in a pond right before asking me to marry him >>> you can read that story here <<.

drop a ring

#9 You’re my boss. I wouldn’t have a job…hmmm I’m asking for this book on my Christmas list…JUST KIDDING guys!!

how to work for an idiot Starr haigler

#8 No one else could rock out a tacky Christmas sweater party like us, babe!

tacky christmas sweater Starr haigler

#7 There would be no one else to share photos of my shortcomings in life. Like, counting the number of breakfast bar wrappers you can find in my car door, or showing the world how many HANDMEDOWN shoes our daughters have…

husband counting wrappers in my car Starr haigler

handmedown shoes Starr haigler

#6 Who else would take down our dead Christmas trees in Feb, March or April????

dead christmas trees

#5 No one in our home would function in the early mornings and we would all leave the house looking like this if you weren’t around:

messy hair Starr haigler

#4 Who else would enjoy sunrises and sunsets as much as I and take the time to capture the ordinary moments of life and always send them to me?

sunrise Starr haigler

#3 Traveling the world with you by my side is an everyday adventure that I will never trade! BONUS: You never get tired of selfies and crazy faces!

travel the world Starr haigler

#2 There are three people that just happen to think the “World’s Greatest Dad” is YOU! Thank you for giving us all a reason to smile and laugh every single day!

worlds greatest dad Starr haiglerDSC_0313-2

DSC_5050 DSC_5088

#1 I’ve dreamed of a love like ours. Imperfect, forgiving, graceful and extraordinary. How is it that you still take my breath away and that fears and worry seem to melt when you look at me with that smile that says, “Everything is going to be ok?” (Even if it is the crack of dawn and we both look like we just rolled out of bed…wait, we did hahaha).



And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13.

I thank God for the gift of you. Happy Anniversary, my love.

❤ Starr



PS – if you’ve been following this blog for a while you may wonder where I’ve been?? I have been writing everyday, sharing short daily inspiration on a new blog called >The Daily Starr<. I still plan to share longer stories and thoughts in this space. Hope to see you again soon and thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “11 Reasons I Will Chase Him Down if He Ever Leaves

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  2. Thank you dear for everything that you are to our family! 11 years seem so long ago but it has flown by so fast. I have loved every minute of it and cherish the times we are together. I love you so much! – Your Brain!


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