Another Family Legacy: Granny


Meet Granny Eunice, friends! September 16 would have been her 80th Birthday (at least I think it is her 80th…someone in my family correct me on this..y’all know me and numbers!). Side note: Did you know that my family stopped letting me keep score when we would have family card games because I always mess up the totals? And I did win the MATH AWARD in 6th grade!

Yes, I just realized yesterday that BOTH of my grandmother’s birthdays were 1 day apart. How beautiful is that? (If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post – we celebrated Glennie the Great’s 82nd birthday on Sept 15)

Have you stopped laughing at my awkward preteen hair yet?

I can’t believe my mom let me have a perm. Just. Stop. And that bow. Those bangs.

Granny passed away 19 years ago. She had cancer. And she fought that battle for 4 long years. I barely got to know her – I was in 7th grade when she died. My memories are mostly of my childhood getting to visit with her a few times a year. She lived in Tennessee, us in NC. She loved to make the trip to see us in her Pontiac T1000.

1982 Pontiac T1000 Foldout-02

Oh yeah – y’all remember these cars!! Except hers was an awesome brown color. And that back seat folded down JUST like the photo above. She would make us a “bed” to play on during the 5 hour ride between the mountains. Who cared about seat belts or car seats….hahah.

And there was always drama with Granny, Casey, me and that T1000. Like the time we broke down at the rest stop on the Tennessee/NC line. And somebody had to come get us. Or, the time Casey and I were arguing in the back seat and she backed out of the driveway directly into the HUGE ditch. The car was stuck. We were in SOOO much trouble. And we got to hear about it ALL the way on the half mile walk to the store to get my parents. Good times, good times.

We had some really great family memories together. And some great hair.


Granny, mom and baby Starr, 1981


Freida, Starr, Granny, Debra and Casey, 1983


Casey, Zack, Andrew, Granny and Starr, 1991


My 1st Birthday: Starr, Freida, Steve, Debra, LeGrand, Annette, Willie, Glennie, and Granny Eunice

The dynamic duo: Casey and Starr, 1987 (likely the year we crashed the T1000 in the ditch...all our fault

The dynamic duo: Casey and Starr, 1987 (likely the year we crashed the T1000 in the ditch…all our fault

In the midst of all these beautiful memories, the thing that saddens me the most is that my daughters never got to meet Granny. Oh, they would have LOVED her. Casey and I spent so much time at Granny’s house. She peeled paint with her snoring. And we would laugh and giggle at how we could hear her clear on the OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE. And she was never happy with us if we were being too loud during her afternoon game shows. And should we mention Fingerhut??? No comment.

Part of the reason I want to write and document things about our family on this blog is for my girls to be able to read one day when I am long gone. I want them to know about our family heritage and I want them to know the legacies that have been left for them.

Earlier today, I decided to ask my mom and her sisters to share with me some of their memories of Granny…and the legacy that she gave us.

Kayla and Kylie – I hope to share with you more stories about these people that have gone on before and the love that they had for our family.

Mom….first and foremost she trusted God. I think she would have buckled in those last few years without Him. Even when she was struggling to pay her bills in the end, I said she should maybe leave out the tithes, that she had been faithful all those years. NO, she said. I admired her determination. She LOVED you and Casey…you guys made her life while you were here. I cannot imagine her with your babies…you would be SO happy. Cooking….she wasn’t a fancy cook, but always had plenty and was SO excited for us all to be together that she would ALWAYS forget something (usually the bread) and burn it! (I really think she just would get in a hurry and not preheat it like she should’ve). In the almost four years she was sick, I NEVER heard her question God or complain about her sickness. I’m sure she was afraid, especially not having a spouse..but she was strong til the end. Was ALWAYS talking about what she would do when she went home. She LOVED getting cards. I think she kept every one…found them when she passed. I miss her…I wish I had spent more time with her. Oh yeah, don’t forget in the blizzard she taped over our blizzard home video with her Danielle Steele movie!! God love her!! Times at the beach staying in the Stack House, the times she took you and Casey back and forth to Tenn and NC, how she burned the biscuits. Her valiant battle with cancer. Her faithfulness to God and her church. How proud she was of her children, how much she loved her son in law from NC (ummm – did LeGrand write this???). Her Pontiac T1000 that she drove into the ditch. Working third shift at the mill and never complaining.  The best roast and carrots ever made.

Granny, in the midst of difficult trials that this life brought, you stood strong and you stood in Christ. Never with complaints, you lived and loved. And one day we can’t wait to introduce you to your great-grandchildren you never met. They have that smile and dimples that I see in so many of your photos. Your persistent determination and unyielding faith lives on in all of us. For that we are so grateful. And I have your gray hair – thank you soooo much!

We love you, Granny.


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