For my mom, on her birthday!

It’s June 25th! That day is special for 2 reasons: first of all, we’re half way to Christmas officially!! Wooohooo, ya’ll know how much I live for Christmas. I think I shall start putting my trees back out this weekend, they only got stored about a month ago…

And the best part of today is my mom’s birthday! She’s one of my biggest fans and I will always admire the woman that she is. She’s stronger than most, always the same no matter what, full of integrity, and the creative genius behind my own creative nature.

She’s Freida Anne Bellomy Kelly – and this is my birthday tribute to the mom I love so much!

Photo Jun 25, 9 43 17 PM

You love Christmas just as much as me! And you don’t make fun of me for celebrating all year long.

Photo Jun 25, 9 41 51 PM

You and Dad raised me in Church and I’m so thankful for the heritage and legacy you have given to hand down to my own children. This was at my baby dedication at the Wadesboro Church of God – sometime in 1981.

Photo Jun 25, 9 41 26 PM

I’ve always admired how you play the piano so beautifully. Obviously you all had hoped to pass down those skills to me one day….ooops. Is it too late to learn to play now?

Photo Jun 25, 9 35 38 PM

You dressed me so well. I especially loved the white socks pictured here. And why in the world didn’t you save this awesome chair for me?? I would have LOVED to have that in my house now…

Photo Jun 25, 9 36 48 PM

Photo Jun 25, 9 36 54 PM

One of our favorite spots: The City Pond. I love seeing you in photos that are so much like the photos with me and my girls now.

Photo Jun 25, 9 38 59 PM

Another fun day at The City Pond – and we even had matching outfits!! Love ❤

Photo Jun 25, 9 36 04 PM

I have so many memories of summers spent at Carowinds. Wow! Now I know that you REALLY loved me to do that…hahah. All those days of you sitting there watching me ride the planes…over and over…and over and over…and over and over again! Thanks, mom!

Photo Jun 25, 9 44 29 PM

Look at that serious concentration!

Photo Jun 25, 9 40 05 PM

I’m not sure what happened…but I still love you…Even though you allowed me to wear that and have a perm! Casey should not forgive his mom for allowing the fanny pack…


You’re always up for an adventure, no matter what!! And we love that about you!


You pose for crazy photos like this…just because!


And you’ve put up with this crazy sister all of your life…bless your heart!


You take us places we’d never go otherwise – and love to be spontaneous!


You even carry our blue bags… (longggg story, right Debra???)


I wish we had more hours to spend together, isn’t that always the case? I don’t take for granted the years we have been given and the memories we have shared. You’re an inspiration to me and I am blessed beyond measure to have you in my life. I love you, mom ❤

Happy Birthday!


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