#5fridayfinds – stuff we love this week

Here ya go, time for another quick #5fridayfinds post.


#1 http://www.Katieskidz.org


I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing 12 year old this week. She’s been on a mission to help make sure kids in the hospital have a Christmas present. Last year, she distributed over 5,000 gifts to 9 area hospitals!! Did I mention she’s only 12??? Click on over to Katie’s website or Facebook page and see how YOU can get involved!

#2 Me and The Beans Dark Chocolate Body Balm


Y’all. For real, though. What kind of girl doesn’t want a body balm that makes her smell like chocolate? YUMM! And it’s all natural – coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax and chocolate essential oil. Thanks to my friend Lora for introducing me to this amazing local product. You can order your own for only $10 here on their Facebook page.

#3 Retail Me Not Notifications and Favorites


This Friday find comes from Mr Creative Starr! We’ve all probably heard about and even used www.retailmenot.com. But – did you know that you can go to this website, find a brand you love and sign up to receive email notifications when a coupon code becomes available? Pretty cool, huh? And if you don’t feel like doing that, it pays to visit this site when you are buying ANYTHING online – search to see if there are any kind of promo codes out there. This is one of the most reliable sites I found for codes such as this. NEVER pay full price when you see an option to enter a promo code – even signing up on an email list can usually land you a 10% off coupon or free shipping with most retailers.

#4 The Nesting Place Book


The Nester (a popular local blogger and self taught decorator) has hit a home run with her first published book that hit the stands this week. I’ve been carrying my copy around in my purse all week and it has inspired me to embrace the reality of my home and life and know that “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!” Chapters 1 and 2 tell her story of how she got to where she is today and the one line that keeps sticking out in my mind is this:

I can pinpoint the very moment when I realized our 13 house journey wasn’t just a sad time I tried not to think about. I realized there actually WAS a story, with adventure and fun times and totally depressed times and all sorts of emotions and with an actual plot and purpose that changed our family and me for the better.

Yes, her family moved 13 times in 18 years. Seriously? And she finally figured out that every move was a divine plan of God working in the midst of a beautiful story that He was weaving for an adventure she’d never imagine unfolding before her eyes. This gives me such hope that God is doing the same thing in my life. I may not be able to make sense of all the chaos and dreams, but He’s weaving my story and my adventure. Read this book! And you’ll pick up some incredible tips for your home – that won’t break the budget.

You can purchase The Nester’s book at any major book retailer or on Amazon.

#5 My Side of the Road Left for Garbage Coffee Table


Yes, I am that person that will slow my car at the sign of ANYTHING left on the side of the road for trash pickup! And this item just happened to be an old ugly wood oval coffee table in front of our office manager’s home last summer. Her kids had used this thing in their play room and it was beat up with a little bit of kid art drawing on top too, ha. I wasn’t afraid to tell my friend that I wanted her throw away coffee table. Now, here it sits. Did I sand it down? Nope. Just picked up a paint brush and some white paint I found leftover in our garage and started painting. Isn’t it so cute? And soooo FREE!!

Have a great weekend, friends 🙂


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