9 Years/9 Memories/9 Lessons


We celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary last week – woohoo! As I reflect back on our family history in the making, I’ve noted some classic memories from our special day and a few lessons learned through the years ~


Memory #1 – We were laughing in this photo. I’m pretty sure that I had just told Brian that I could hardly fit into my dress and it was because of the Bo-berry biscuits I had eaten that morning!

Lesson #1 – He still makes me laugh 9 years later, mostly at myself. I love him so for this. I also still eat Bo-berry biscuits and I intend to lose 15 pounds to fit into that dress next December.


Memory #2 – My lips have never quivered as much as they did on this walk down the aisle. I could not stop shaking! I thought for sure my knees would buckle right there in front of everyone.

Lesson #2 – The next time I would get this nervous would be on the operating table to have our first baby. The shakes returned. But again, oh so worth it!


Memory #3 – Thankful. Undeserved Love. I was crying here because I couldn’t find the words to tell my mom how much I appreciated everything that she did for us on our wedding day. My mom has sacrificed so much for our family over the years and I want to leave a legacy like her one day.

Lesson #3 – I couldn’t fully understand a mother’s love 9 years ago. Now, as I hold my own little girls – I cry tears in knowing that God has trusted me with these precious lives. I understand now why my mom would do anything she could to make life more wonderful for me.


Memory #4 – The list. My dad didn’t rehearse anything that he said to us on our wedding day. So, it was a complete surprise when he told Brian he had a “short list” of things they needed to discuss before he pronounced us husband and wife!

Lesson #4 – My family has decided that if anything happens to my parents, Brian is in charge of Joy. Really? Yes, they love him that much. I guess he covered all the stuff on “the list” to meet my dad’s approval.


Memory #5 – This precious lady is Mary Lynn Squires and she walked with my little sister down the aisle. Joy was really sick during our wedding, so you won’t find her in many photos.

Lesson #5 – Life is short and each day is a blessing. Mary Lynn passed away a little over a year ago. We attended her funeral on our 8th anniversary. Who would have known 9 years ago that she would not be here? We’ve also both lost grandparents since our wedding. We cannot take a single day for granted – hold your loved ones close and tell them you love them every single day.


Memory #6 – Wow – we had a lot of people in our wedding. There is another story behind this photo. We had not kissed in a very long time and I couldn’t wait πŸ™‚

Lesson #6 – Christmas weddings are wonderful – I would highly recommend them!


Memory #7 – Brian and Rings. For those of you that don’t know…Brian dropped my engagement ring in a pond right before he asked me to marry him. So, seeing him with this ring box is very funny.

Lesson #7 – You should always purchase insurance on an engagement ring prior to asking your girlfriend to marry you. You never know when it will end up in a pond.


Memory #8 – Thank you cards. As they fixed my hair and makeup 2 hours before our wedding, I sat trying to finish thank you cards. Hello, my name is Starr and I am a procrastinator.

Lesson #8 – If you have sent us a gift or a special token in the past 9 years and haven’t received a thank you card, please forgive me. I have wonderful intentions, but I am TERRIBLE at sending thank you notes. I am trying my hardest to improve. Thank you for your patience with my imperfect progress.


Memory #9 – I am the same height as my husband, 6 ft tall. As we met to take our photos before the wedding, I realized that my heels made me taller. I decided to ditch the shoes. One little girl asked me if I was wearing glass slippers!

Lesson #9 – I have big feet. And I think my feet have grown since having kids 😦


Memory #10 – I love the feeling I get when I hold my husband’s hand. There’s a little flutter in my heart. It’s more than just holding hands to me.

Lesson #10 – My husband is my biggest fan and I don’t deserve the love that he gives me each day. I am not the perfect wife, not the perfect mom, not the perfect house keeper, NOT the perfect cook…but he loves me anyways – just as I am. I am inspired by who he is.

Thank you, Brian Haigler – for loving me, for the memories, and for so much more ❀

8 thoughts on “9 Years/9 Memories/9 Lessons

  1. You may also find out that Starr isn’t the greatest with Math. She said, “9 Memories/9 Lessons” when she gave 10 memories/10 Lessons. Lol. Buy 9 get 1 free.

    Starr you may not be “perfect” in those areas as none of us are, however you are Perfect for me and our family. I couldn’t ask for a more loving and devoted wife and mother than you have been over the past 9 years. Looking forward to so many more!


  2. Ok dear – I guess that I will leave the 10 reasons on here. I would like to explain to everyone that I finished this around 2am and I had PLANNED to read it again this morning before sharing it with the world. But, I guess that didn’t work out too well for me, huh?

    My math skills are always less than perfect…another reason that I married my husband πŸ™‚


  3. Starr and Brian — congratulations on your 9th wedding anniversary. I remember the day well and considered it an honor to share in your special day. Great memories and life lessons! Remember the sunglasses? $5 each or two for $10?!?!?


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